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About Waely

Waely is a logistics company based in State College, Pennsylvania. Our storage and shipping services are designed to infuse convenience into the lives of students, businesses, and families, ultimately offering peace of mind. Our services provide a seamless experience, and you can rely on us to handle your storage and shipping needs.

​Our technological expertise and dedicated account managers provide you with premium storage solutions and top-rate handling.​​​ We are committed to our mission, and our core principles include honesty, transparency, and affordability. If you are looking for a professional courier and logistics service, look no further. 

How Waely Box Works


Order Supplies


Pack  Items

We Pick-up

We Store/ Ship

We Deliver

Our Quality Guarantee

We guarantee a stress-free pick-up, climate-controlled storage, and delivery of your items. Our process is simple and results-oriented. With our Waely box service, we deliver your items in the same condition we packed them in.

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